We Do Basement Remodeling and Construction in Northbrook, IL

If you think that it’s only the ground-level areas of the house that needs remodeling, then think again. If you want to make the overall functionality of the house to be at its best once more, then you should definitely consider basement remodeling or basement construction – if you do not have a basement – for your home in Northbrook, IL and other nearby areas. Yes, this might sound funny because a typical function of the basement is the storage of laundry equipment, but there are other things that you can turn your basement into aside from a usual wash area. We, at Mike The One Inc, will help you realize the potential of a basement to be turned into a more useful area and turn these ideas into a reality.

  • Bedroom 
    • Because basements are usually in-ground, the idea of having a room in this part of the house can sometimes be unimaginable. However, with the proper design, right color combination, correct furniture scale, and befitting ventilation and lighting, a basement bedroom will not look constricting and suffocating anymore!
  • Workspace/Home Office 
    • Because of being below ground level, basements are often the most quiet parts of the home. This makes it ideal to turn this area into a home office or a reading room.
  • Home Theatre 
    • Basements are often dark due to small-sized windows; in most cases, basements even barely have windows. But seize the opportunity! This characteristic makes it really easy for you to turn this into a simple home theatre. You just have to make sure that proper ventilation is available.
  • Other Recreational Spaces 
    • There are many things that you can place in the basement to make it more functional: a pingpong table, a few couches for hanging out, or even your workout equipment. With the proper air conditioning and ventilation, the once lifeless area can be your favorite area in the house.

All of these are just some of our ideas, or you can just remodel your basement in order to improve its ambiance and, at the same time, accommodate additional and more modern HVAC systems or laundry equipment. Regardless of your preference, Mike The One Inc. can definitely help you through the process of your basement remodeling and construction here in Northbrook, IL. Call us now at (224)-766-6249 or send us an email at mike_serban2000@yahoo.com and let’s talk about how to turn your dream basement into a reality.

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